Five Things

1) Weather — The weather is cool this morning.  That leaf, the one that looks like it’s waving, must be waving goodbye to summer.  Ground is moist for a change.  Plants continue to wilt in the absence of rain.

2) One thing I did well yesterday: listened to my holosync track 3x to make up for lack of sleep (waiting for Ken’s return from China; the cat taking her morning exercise doing laps around my head at 5:40; getting up to go to work).  Made a big difference, I think.

3) One thing I could have done better yesterday: restrained my blurt about Season Two’s ending episode of Dexter in front of C.  (“thannnks, Mom…”)

4) and 5) Two things I can commit to doing today that I might not otherwise do: Return the library books that the city is ready to make me pay to replace, they are so overdue, and walk Jack with a pair of pruning shears in my pocket and finally prune the witch hazel over at B. Elementary.

3 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. Kari of Writing Up A Storm

    Hi, Dee! Just wanted to stop by and check on you. Hope you got No.4 and No. 5 accomplished! I’m still entrenched in trying to fix up this old house, though I’ve gotten more worried about current events of late, and that makes me think I really must get back to an art project to take my mind off the world. I worry too much when people start getting angry with one another. I long for a peaceful world. So, today, I wish you much peace, love, harmony, and all the healing powers of witch hazel!! xo Kari

  2. deemallon

    Hi Kari, nice to hear from you again… are you back to blogging? I’ll have to pop by and see. I DID prune that witch hazel and I DID return those library books….

    In this week of the 9/11 attacks anniversary, I’m not surprised that you are worried about the world… I wish us all — (including that asshole pastor in Florida) peace, love and harmony….

    Hope your home renovation is creating welcome changes, and maybe even providing a venue for some artistic expression.


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