After pinning my class work to the curtain last night (Cloth to Cloth with Jude Hill) – – something I do to view work-in-progress especially to get some distance but also to view it while not ‘really’ thinking about it — I got up to read and bathe. This was 2 a.m. The house was quiet. Finally. Video warfare below the floorboards where C’s computer is, can go pretty late on weekends. D. and friend had settled down.  Teens at the schoolyard had left or were quietly doing something besides loud conversation.

Street lights shown through the curtains as well as through my little piece, especially illuminating the thin silky fabric. The curtain made another grid. (I LOVE this, when the work makes you see your life with a whole new eye).

I could not capture the moment with pixels — not even a little.

And so, I photographed what I could…

And took some pictures (top) this morning.

Below is a driveway shot taken this morning.

Made mine bigger than the demonstrated piece which meant I had to do some additional basting for the thing to hold together.  But I wanted enough rows to be able to slice different patterns from the same fabrics and see how the repetitions played off of each other.  (watched a bio on PBS about Andy Warhol on Friday and can say — here’s his influence AGAIN.  He would have made a great quilter.)

13 thoughts on “side-by-side

  1. Ger

    Like your colours, too (though it´s a bit of a stretch for me…) + the spine kind of middle vertical strip – + the first 2 photos, especially, together, the frozen moments…

  2. Chris

    I love this too! But the real question is, are you really wearing pants w/ pink polka dots in the driveway photo? Perfect.


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