Mint and catalpa – shining

Rain continues. Blue stone shines.  Water gathers in bowls and on the bigger leaves. Boys sleep. It’s official – school’s out. It’s official – Whitey Bulger is in custody (I went to law school with his niece). Big news in these parts, of course.

Woke to that news but slept through the draw down speech (I TRIED to stay awake).  I was riveted by the top twenty’s second round of dancing, though, of course.  What does this say about me? That I’m turning into my mother, I suppose. (time to subscribe to ‘People’ and ‘Cosmo’!)   But here’s a brag – or, at least, an observation of the next generation carrying on – C. has begun reading The New Yorker (now I have to compete with him AND K. for the latest issue?!!).

What can I say a 100% YES to today?

Not the mammogram. Or emailing clients to schedule appointments. MAYBE making dinner (it was NOT ‘literally’ the best Caesar salad last night — made a much better one when guests from Denver were here). So, what, then? What?

To the catalpa blossoms scattered like a beautiful, ornate kind of snow. Their delicacy… their profusion. Their reminder of time’s relentless passage (in three days’ time they will brown and begin to stink).  Yes to change? Yes to beauty that requires clean up?!!

Speaking of change and its relentless march – how about ‘YES’ to C. driving D. to the orthodontist today (?!@!).

Yes.  Especially yes because I will be at work.

Another brag – the first thing C did – on his very first solo drive – was to go and get a job.  YES!! Then run and get a work permit.  How about that?!!  Helped to mitigate the freak-out-factor (Thank you DM for sharing my pride and adding: “You’ll be okay”).

Jack needs a bath.

I want a YES for today that is all my own.

I’m in love with Danny Gregory’s journal from Rome.  Check it out.

4 thoughts on “Mint and catalpa – shining

  1. deemallon

    Thanks Deb. A good part of the weekend devoted to pruning, tugging, clipping, removing – in the garden. And, scooping up those blossoms!


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