Five Things – 9/13/11

  1. Today the weather outside of Boston is clear and hot, a lot like yesterday.  The air feels fresh – a good day to take a walk.
  2. One thing I did well yesterday was to put first things first (bank before color copier…) and to make a yummy onion tart with black olives from the store and oregano from the garden.
  3. One thing I could have done better yesterday was to coordinate the purchase of a loaf of bread with C., who had a 3:00 to 8:00 shift at the supermarket.
  4. One thing I can commit to doing today that I might not otherwise do is – to make a double batch of black bean soup, so I can give some to CS, who just lost her mom.
  5. Another thing I can commit to doing today that I might not otherwise do is – to vacuum our bedroom.

4 thoughts on “Five Things – 9/13/11

  1. sewmanypossibilities

    Often when I look back at things I’ve written, it’s the weather reporting that I find most interesting (!!) – I like that this exercise starts with it.

  2. sg sea

    Dee: this is almost the same as my formula for journaling! Almost. I add “one moment of joy” right before the two things I can commit to doing today (for myself that are important and manageable) Did I share it with you? I do this every day, and I agree with sewmanypossibilities that the weather reporting ends up being the most interesting heartening, inspiring to look back on. That links us with a long tradition of women-journalers I think, who kept weather comments as a way to mark days. I also doodle the weather as well as naming it. I do it all longhand. No typing. The one moment of joy is important. Feel lucky to see your list today though, cause I SKIPPED mine this morning. Sometiems it waits. xo sg

  3. sewmanypossibilities

    Yes, SG you DID share this with me. I wish I did it more often. I will definitely add the “moment of joy” – so I guess it will become six things? Or, I could collapse the “things to do” into one. For yesterday’s moment of joy? Feeling my body after stretching my ribcage in a yoga class…. wow, was that good. Or, dusting sugar cookies with confectioner’s – a little army of sweetness on my countertop! In both cases, the inescapable, radical contrast to what I would be doing/feeling if I were still at my nine-to-five job adding extra punch to the moment.


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