Old pages

Am going through some old pages… every once in a while, I find something worth keeping.  Some journals are faithfully entered into many times a week… others go years with not a single note.  Most years, the jottings are scattered among three, four, five journals.  I want to collect them, select pieces, and burn the rest.

This was about four weeks after my mother died; two days before C’s second birthday; five days before D’s birth.

2 thoughts on “Old pages

  1. serenapotter

    oh that is just precious for multiple reasons.

    i was thinking about my rather alarming number of journals now and what on earth to do with them. probably like you sort them, keep what is best, rid myself of the rest.

  2. deedeemallon Post author

    it’s just such a project on a long list of projects… I worry about getting to it.

    thank you for sharing the piece of your journal about the coyote. there is an immediacy to journal writing that gets lost sts when writing elsewhere.


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