picturing along

practicing blanket stitch

Mary stitched - Unfortunately, paint and pigma pens 'ruined' front side

Winter session class - table

class mascot

Audition for ‘African patchwork’ by Leslie… beautiful scraps, beautifully arranged.  She has since dispensed with the black borders, and butted all the African prints up together.  I love how it looks above, but I’ll admit to preferring her later version.

Desert Town quilt in progress - Leslie

house landscape WIP - Mary

As you can see, we are having fun in this class.  Last week, we worked on embroidery stitches.  This week, we’ll continue with a few more stitches, look at binding ideas, and continue with works-in-progress.

Find a great stitch reference here:  arts and design needlecraft glossary.

8 thoughts on “picturing along

  1. serenapotter

    my next vacation! no joke. i’ve actually never been very far north….it’s a shame i always went south or west.


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