Doll delivery

Yesterday, I brought three dolls over to the JCC.  After seeing the Native American art exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum this past weekend (more on that soon), I really want to make some more… and in a very different style (more wood? more rusted, found objects).

12 thoughts on “Doll delivery

  1. Julie

    These dolls are exquisite. I just love them–especially the facial expressions…lovely work, Dee. Do you offer them for sale ever (if so, how can you part with them–they have such personalities…..) ??Julierose

  2. saskia

    these dolls are just lovely; the first with the bird is so sweet; keep on making!

    the one with the key immediately brought back an old poem of mine

    ‘fata morgana’

    aching hearts rub against the chests of brave
    knights wandering through forests dark and full
    of fears,
    hidden in thy hand you keep the secret key
    tightly to your breast you hold your fist closed
    as if securing it from stray thieves
    as if they want it,
    close to your lips there trickles a tear
    you have been waiting all these years
    the fist is locked so stiff now, you open it,
    and realise it has been empty all the while.

  3. deedeemallon

    thank you Julia… they ARE for sale… running from $75 to $120 – if you’re interested, or know someone who is, just let me know.

    It is so much easier to let work go now that I take so many pictures… besides, this trio is old enough that I am ready for them to find new homes… you know how that is…

  4. deedeemallon

    Saskia – thanks for that powerful poem… is ‘fata morgana’ ‘the fate of morgan’?

    if only we could let things go, if only we knew how little real meaning they held for us… Today I bought a new sweater and couldn’t be happier!! See?

    To me, the key and bone are symbols of this Wintry Doll’s power (think: Crone) … the power really resides in years of experiences (prime among them – letting go), and so they are worn more like badges than clung to as prized possessions…

  5. Karen Turner

    Dee, these are stunning. I really like the way you’ve handled the faces. I made cloth dolls many years ago and have only recently been thinking about making more. I like the way they can be a very immediate and powerful form of expression.

  6. saskia

    hi Dee,
    the title refers to the illusion, one experiences in a desert, one imagines seeing a real oasis, shimmering in the heat; coming closer it disappears….or so I’m told, I have never been out in any desert;
    the poem, written many years ago, was also about a personal sense of loss and feeling outside/alone ;
    and yes ‘ letting go ‘ has become my daily mantra; at the same time I don’t want to be too serious about my absurd life and welcome anything,( why not a new sweater, or communicating via the blogs!!) that brings me joy and happiness, bye

    SASKIA =- knowing that ‘fata morgana’ is the illusion of an oasis makes the poem even more layered… I had never heard that term before… And YES to the simple joys. Day two of new sweater, and it’s still making me happy!

  7. jenni-lynn

    So inspirational! I love these dolls. The spiral heart dress, wow. As with all your work, I’m struck by your use of color, balance and deep stories.

    1. deedeemallon

      thank you, Jenni-Lynn, I really appreciate your comment. Blue dress is a simple, open-hour glass… but the batik fabric makes it special.

  8. SandraG.

    Hi Dee: I am pretty new to your blog site, don’t even know how I linked/got here, ha, but ohhhhhhh myyyy, had to let you know how absolutely wonderful your dolls are !!!! Their expressions are just beautiful and of course, all your stitch/knit work is wonderful toooo : ) thank you for sharing them : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ, USA : )

  9. deedeemallon

    Thank you Sandra, your kind of feedback is always welcome… check out Inkadinkado rubber stamps — they have a collection of faces, or just eyes, that are wonderful when stamped onto fabric!


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