Images for lunch

1. Untitled, 2. Lotus Flower Lariat- Orange Sorbet, 3. jack comes out of the closet, 4. The Empty Bottle (Hand Stitching Complete), 5. Countdown to Extinction, 6. Crow Hop, 7. Control destiny, 8. Grand River Powwow 2011, 9. refugio (el árbol de las aves) / shelter (bird tree), 10. mom, your turn!, 11. 5:30 pm, 12. Untitled, 13. hybpoddone1detail1, 14. spirit book3, 15. back, 16. Applique

Such fabulous work to explore and share!

But!  I have deleted my pinterest account given that it does appear to be a stealing fest.  I hope this is different, with attributions loud and clear – the invitation is to click on the link to an image that interests you and discover that person’s work!


P.S. Click on Mosaic to view larger and IN FOCUS.  I don’t think I’m doing anything different – but for awhile now, I’ve noticed that the mosaics don’t upload in focus.  Anyone have a solution?  I’ve tried adjusted sizes without result.

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