four sides

One of the two Boro Houses is finished.
It is a little grey and rainy out there, today.
If I were to keep this Hut, I would ‘plant’ it so that a staghorn fern curled up and out of it – like I did with the very first hut.

This piece was purchased by an art teacher in Cerritos, California, named Debra Sposa.  You can find pictures of her high school and junior high school student art work (amazing, art work!), here.

9 thoughts on “four sides

  1. ginny

    How pretty! I love the combination of colors, textures and material. It would make a lovely jacket! (to go with the cute slippers!)

  2. Dee Mallon

    Thanks, Deb! This one sold to an art teacher in California, who will use it to inspire her students… how nice is that?

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      I have found myself in the anti-pinterest camp, I’m afraid… but since you ask (even though after the fact) and attribute the images, my answer is ‘yes’. And, of course, I appreciate your comment and feedback.


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