trees as subject

As promised, here are a couple pictures from this week’s class, where we experimented with Natalie Sewell‘s method.

Here is the source book, as well as the photo that G. was working from — a Hawaiian scene with dramatic shadows.

I referred to one of my gardening books.

And, L. preferred to create a fully-imagined tree, using a toile background, which lent the piece a little whimsy.

Both G. and I used white acrylic to emphasize where light was falling on the trees.  After pinning, L. used a medium matte varnish to secure pieces of the bark.

5 thoughts on “trees as subject

  1. jackywllms

    Wow…lots of texture and I love that play with light and dark. Your birch tree trunks look fantastic and I love how your friend used the toile for the background…beautiful effect.

    Jacky xox

  2. Dee Mallon

    they are wonderful trees, and a positive reminder about the effects of imitation, and getting out of one’s usual way of working…


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