Consult at Tremont Tea Room

My groupon-funded consult was interesting. I used to do a bit more of these consults — back when I was a lot less settled (and had more of “my own money”). This guy peered at my open palms with a pen light and said, among other things, that my skills/talents/callings ranked thusly: 1) writing; 2) teaching; 3) fiber arts. Hmmmm. Maybe this will help me hold things a little more lightly? Not sure why.

On my phone now and about to get out back and weed!!! Gorgeous day and time to get the hands in the ground. Have a great Saturday!



4 thoughts on “Consult at Tremont Tea Room

  1. Ginny

    My own psychic vibe tells me your strenght is in the image – no matter the medium. Glad teaching is in there too, and you are glad to share your talents with us.

  2. saskia

    well as far as I can tell your writing is very good, I do agree with Ginny though, your visual talents are at least equal to your literary gifts and you share both here, so that includes your teaching skills. thank you for all that!!

  3. Dee Mallon

    hey Ginny and Saskia! I h ope I’m not writing this blog to get strokes like this, but they are certainly welcome!


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