on the table

Items in progress on the coffee table.

This fragment from the larger Middle Passage series is nearly done.
A little bag in progress… not sure how I’ll construct straps yet.

I shipped these 2×2″ squares to Jude Hill on Thursday as part of her “Magic Feather” project.
This one was too big, so it’s a keeper:

It’s a real lesson in scale, because at four by four instead of two by two, this little shape is decidedly more moon-like than stone-like.

9 thoughts on “on the table

  1. Julie

    I think the moon is very evocative, Dee…WOW–we just had a real blast of thunder and lightning!! Yikes!! Will sign off now–thanks again, Dee…..Julierose

  2. Michelle in NYC

    A moonstone of course–I just came in from the lightning, thunder and gushing downpour a few minutes ago….not the same storm, I think, unless it was moving terribly swiftly!

  3. saskia

    oh those greens up above are so vibrant, beautiful and yet another bag! and the stones are excellent, the blues give off such a different energy, the moonstone is quietly moving; I too have started sewing stones and found the first to be quite a challenge….

  4. deedeemallon

    That storm never quite materialized here… I WANTED it to storm, but it just threatened… Moonstone! Of course, now why didn’t I think of that?!! The lavender patches of fabric, BTW (I know Jude asked for blue) LOOKED blue down in my cellar studio… I decided they were close enough to blue to send (and MUCH better than the first stones I did, which were brown and looked like shit smears! really!! they were 4×4, too – thankfully, I re-read the directions). And, yes, I threw them out. No need to keep those kind of swatches around!


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