glue and interfacing?!

Gorilla glue on my fingertips from helping out with a science project last night (building a model of the levothyroxine molecule) means touching T-shirt knits and interfacing is horrible!! Everything is sticking to the dried glue remnants on my fingertips and feels awful, to boot!  But, I have to keep at this T-shirt quilt.  Have to. Have to.

Will google ‘gorilla glue removal’ and get back to it.  Last night, though, I took the pocket and collar off of this workshirt and am going to apply woven strips to the sides of the front plackets.

Also, I cut the landscape panel off of the cardigan that I had been stitching.  It wasn’t working.  And, proof that it was the right thing to do?  Now I love it.  More on that later!

6 thoughts on “glue and interfacing?!

  1. deedeemallon

    I tried it and it helped some… then I soaked my hands, brushed them and peeled off what I could.. it’s still there!! The blue stripe is so soft – I wish there was a way to show that!

  2. deedeemallon

    I tried fingernail polish and it didn’t work that well… but today is better!

  3. saskia

    …and tomorrow will be better still!
    you-deranged-looking: me-lol, honestly Dee, whenever in need of a laugh or a smile I come over here


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