blue moon

There will be a Blue Moon this month (that is, a second full moon in a month).

[find more about meanings of “blue moon” – here]

I did not sleep a wink last night.  So, the big back-to-school Target run may be delayed (not because of the work of driving around and shopping, but because of the effort required to chorale two boys who’d rather be doing almost ANYTHING else)…

I will keep cool with the AC, which I had turned off for the hours between five a.m. and seven, but have turned back on as the sun warms the surfaces and the air.  I’ll also start stitching on the Blue Moon quilt with double-stranded floss (since it is nearly completely basted), and just in case the disorder of the bedroom is affecting rest, I will clean it up.  Gazpacho may get made, too.

4 thoughts on “blue moon

  1. saskia

    I like how you have found names for what happens when creating: how parts become either rogue or issue, yes this does happen and I sometimes wonder if what I thought I was aiming for is just a way to let other things happen.

  2. Clare

    dee hi there and thanks for your comment on my blog – – hi the dove is paper and scrim etc on a vilene backing which I appliquéed to the indigo fabric. it’s nice to stitch on to, nicer than pure paper, but I take your point and have a lot of exploring to do. Thank you – I’m going to have a look at your dove! Oh yes I found it. Very beautiful…I was thinking of some kind of stitched motif like this for my Xmas cards this year.

  3. deedeemallon

    Hey there Clare… thanks for coming by. I’ve never worked with vilene – will have to take a look…. I stitch paper to paper a fair amount, but don’t usually stitch paper to cloth. What I HAVE enjoyed doing is taking pictures of collages, transferring the photo to cloth and then incorporating THAT into a quilt…. I also have a lot of exploring to do.


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