Today WAS cool.  Blessedly cool.  I damp stretched a small house quilt, continued quilting one of the Middle Passage quilts (shown above and below), started a patch on a silk jacket, ran to SuperSavers, cleaned up the kitchen, wondered (again) why I blog, and did some reading.

Today, I offer you this — fiber in action – here

and pose the question:  Why do YOU blog?

[This started as a comment to others’ comments, but I’m putting my thoughts here instead]:

I love the connections here (in cyberspace), too… I find fiber artists’ blogs to be witty, generous, and inspiring, on many levels – not just creatively… and I would miss them terribly if I somehow found myself in a hut at 9,000 feet above sea level with no internet access.  In fact, blogging and connecting online were the things I missed the very most that year-plus-a-little that I worked 9 to 5.

I, do, however, need to learn to manage some reactions I seem to repeatedly have… and to continue to work toward finding what, exactly, my style here wants to be… not unlike with quilting itself.


7 thoughts on “cool

  1. deanna7trees

    love that brown/orange cloth in the first image … like a map of sorts. i initially started blogging just to keep track of what i was doing and to be able to go back and revisit things but it has developed into a give and take with blogging friends and the inspiration that goes both ways. i never imagined it would turn out this way but i love the connections made all over the world.

  2. sewingsusan49

    Your quilts and colors are marvelous. I love the hand stitching and in fact it inspires me to do some hand stitching on a duvet cover that has been a long unfinished project. Connecting it to Nancy’s blog that “you can’t always get what you want”. Because I was feeling frustrated have misplaced my walking foot to my machine. But your blog has been like your discovering you wanted to make an apron because it was in your lap. I don’t need my walking foot I just need the right color floss. Hurrah! I love this community!
    PS. My heart goes out to you and the empty space left by C being at college.

  3. Ersi Marina

    I started blogging half-heartedly, since I am not a great communicator and thought that I wouldn’t catch anybody’s attention. I didn’t, for quite some time, and I thought about deleting my blog almost every time I sat down to write an entry. But then I started finding people, artists, whose work I loved (you are one of them, btw) and they were a source of great inspiration to me. So I stack around. Curiously, several of them did find something interesting in my work too, so now I am happy I kept on blogging in spite of myself.

    That video is so, so beautiful! Thanks for the link.

  4. Nancy

    The video was mesmerizing 🙂
    Your quilt IS very colorful and map-like. I like looking and could spend quite a while finding new & interesting bits in there. I also like seeing it on a door (that’s long been a not done plan of mine).
    I blog because:
    It is a way to communicate within the blogging community I so enjoy. It’s like inviting someone over to MY house to share something (BTW I am much better at this hostess stuff in the virtual world!!)
    It is another form of creative expression, although I find I am fooling less with the layout and such than when I first started. I love to take photographs and write. I like to share those things and my other art forms.
    It’s a journal of sorts. It’s a letter to my children/grandson of sorts.
    It’s a new learning curve (good for the old brain!!)
    It’s fun 🙂

  5. deedeemallon

    Nancy – thanks for your list! It’s a good list, a full list and I share almost all of those reasons to blog…. You make the point about being a better virtual host and I so agree!!! As a lover of solitude, sharing online is an important and easeful way to get feedback and exchange ideas without having to pick up the house or make plans!

    BTW under the quilt — on the door – is a bulletin board with coupons, etc. on it. That means I could display the quilt temporarily with three or four quilting pins.


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