loveA SoulCollage card made after a Saturday gathering…

It has been a swirly few days full of swings in mood, busy with cleaning and food prep, and travel to Salem, and classes, and conversations, arguments, crossword puzzle, and Network TV, plus “Boardwalk Empire”.

And now I am taking a quick break from the ‘Berkshire Barn’ commission, where I think (fourth try, here) I may finally have a selection of fabrics and a hint of perspective working.  I guess I have worked FLAT for so long that the idea of sight lines is a real challenge.

So!  Let me be quick and thank fibercrush for a Reader’s Award!  Thank you!

I recommend that you follow her blog, as I do, as she generously shares her many talents with fiber – spinning, dyeing, crocheting, knitting and quilting.  Oh, and embroidery.  There’s a lot to see over there!

I don’t really love the ten question part and the nomination part (there are so many great blogs to choose from!!!), but here goes —

Favorite color – indigo;
Favorite animal – I love mice, but also cats (and bears);
Favorite non-alcoholic drink – coffee;
Facebook or Twitter – FB (with reservations); Twitter – possibly never;
Favorite pattern – polka dots (but also – stripes);
Prefer giving or receiving gifts? – giving;
Favorite number – 9!!
Favorite day of week – Friday;
Favorite flower – sunflower;
Passion? – moving blocks of color around.

And here are my nominations:

1.  RavenWood Forest
2.  Chitlin Circuit Studio
3.  Life in Crab Meadow
4.  Nemo ignorat
5.  Tales from the Birdhut
6.  Woman with wings
7.  art4moi
8.  Posie Gets Cozy
9.  Clearer Reflections
10.  Karen Ruane

10 thoughts on “love

  1. saskia

    hi Dee, you’ve been nominated! and nominated me too, wow!!
    beautiful collage, which reminds me: I should be making them as well, however am busy preparing for the upcoming exhibit.
    And you have yet another commission, congratulations!

  2. David Hayes

    Thank you so much for this nomination!! I am so honored!!! And for such simple questions…coming up with those answers will be hard!!! I’ll need to give some thought to this!!


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