When I first made this head, the adjective that sprang to mind was ‘snarky’.  But I am discovering just how changeable these physically immutable features are.  Sitting near one of the Berninas, it looks to me like she is snapping her fingers.  SNAP!!  Not in a snarky way, necessarily, just an EFFECTIVE way.  “Come here!”  she snaps.  “I have something to show you!!”

We all can be so easily misunderstood.

I am diligently photographing her creation so as to be able to eventually share the step-by-step process – perhaps my first online class?  Dollmaking?

I don’t have a lot of experience with hard heads (other than the Mallon side of the family – har har).  With a cloth head, hair gets sewn on.  I may have to finally get acquainted with my glue gun.

Do you think Craig Ferguson and Geoffrey Peterson would have a field day with ‘getting acquainted with my glue gun”?

Yeah, probably.

What is your most misunderstood personality trait?  I would have to say my directness frequently is construed as impatience or rudeness.  It’s important for me to remember that even though I like other people to be direct with me, that others don’t necessarily want that from me.

There are more traits in my bin.  But one is enough to share for today.

13 thoughts on “Snap!

  1. Chloe

    Ha, I love this post! To me she is saying exactly that – ‘come here darlink’ albeit in a slightly crazy fashion… like a Russian primadonna… or a ballet teacher from a children’s story book…

    I’ve always thought it makes life so much easier when people say what they think so you don’t have to work out what they’re saying indirectly, but you’re right it doesn’t always go both ways…. I am constantly putting my foot in it and offending people without meaning to.

    Yeah to doll-makig class! Yours have oodles of personality x

  2. deedeemallon

    Chloe – THERE you are!! what happened to your blog? I haven’t been able to click your way.

    I like the Russian prima donna idea… could really run with that. I even have pink tulle downstairs!

  3. Julierose

    I guess I don’t really do well with confrontation and sooo, end up going round topics and I probably sound like a real dork!! I appreciate directness in others a lot and wish I could be that way. But, I love your “snappy” gal…WOW–no doubt about her opinions..(ha ha)…Julierose

  4. saskia

    your dolls are terrific!!
    an online class: looking forward to that
    oh, and communication is sooooooooooo difficult, I live in this man-household and can feel terribly misunderstood, and this is by people who love me – which makes it bearable – but out there in the ‘real’ world, I often get things wrong (because people don’t say what they mean) and then I do or say something which offends and people are upset and it takes a long time for us to get used to eachother, And I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, (but I think some things should be said out loud) of course over time things do work out, but it is very draining and confusing.

  5. gretchen1960

    She is awesome!!! I think she is saying “look at me, here I am!”
    Can’t wait to see her with hair.

    There must be a misunderstood wave resonating through New England. My directness and frankness is misunderstood as insensitivity. Often it is quite the opposite. An attempt to be an honest that goes awry.

  6. Chloe

    Dee, I’m pretty sure it’s where I left it –
    I changed the name, maybe that’s why you had trouble finding it. Come over and check out the big fat baby!! By the way, did you know you were the second ever person I followed (after Karen Turner of Stitching Life, sadly no longer blogging…) since I started blogging this year?

    What happens to the dolls you make? Do they live with you or move on?

  7. deedeemallon

    thanks for checking in, all… and btw, sometimes I AM rude and impatient!
    Saskia – I can’t remember, is your dog male, too? Because if so, same here!

  8. freestyle3

    I don’t think it is just New England resonating with this particular wave; it is alive and well waaaay over here in Australia where I am keeping it alive single-handedly. I have always blamed it on being Sagittarius, known for being brutally honest. Other people tend to call it tactless or undiplomatic or worse. For me the question is: how does one get rid of this trait?

    Oh, thanks for letting me comment.

  9. deedeemallon

    thanks, ali.

    ‘get rid of the trait’ – how about biting off your tongue? I DO work on keeping silent in particular situations now, and even though it is exhausting, I think it worth the effort. And, for this reason, I chose not to HAVE certain kinds of conversations when I’m tired, b/c then it is hard to self-censor.

  10. handstories3

    snarky or not, she is fabulous! i have the same trait- my biggest strength & weakness. i’ve started going into certain meetings w/ written notes to myself “shut up” & “just say, “let me think about that”” it’s helping, a little.

  11. Karoda

    I dig her eyes…as if she is cutting them at someone who either has said something ridiculous or is getting on her nerves. My most misunderstood trait is definitely being too direct and blunt…and for I’ve ran into people who think I do not like them because I disagree with them. I too work on remaining silent when around new people until we can get to know one another better.


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