Areas of Life

It is a beautiful and crisp New England morning and I have a To-Do list a mile long, and — happily — a scheduled walk.  So, quickly, here, a few images from the weekend.

Quilt is Middle Passage III – and I have to say, I don’t think I am up to the task of depicting the kind of losses that slavery represented.  It was not loss of home, culture, continent, language alone – it was ALSO loss of personhood.

Still, the quilts want making.  Who am I to fight that?

Do you sometimes feel drawn to subject matters that are beyond your ken, somehow?

Lastly, a quote to start your week —

All of us have areas of life that draw our attention, make us feel more connected, and feed our need to grow. … Aliveness has no definitive expression.  Anything we do with passion can be done in a spirit of service.  If it feeds us, it WILL feed the world.  We sometimes feel we are not deserving of being fed.  We may feel we are selfishly following our interests, as if we should be out there where the action is, where the problems are, not hunching over a microscope or gazing at the stars.  But the world is more connected than that.  The world is crying out for aliveness, not for a specific activity.  Opening our hearts through whatever means serves the greater good.

an essay entitled, “Service” by Rodney Smith in
“Voices of Insight” edited by Sharon Salzberg

8 thoughts on “Areas of Life

  1. gretchen1960

    Wow Dee, that quote resonates! Will be looking back at it often. I almost picked up a piece of fence that was on the curbside this weekend. Seemed to call for a possible collage of some kind. Amused to find another one among your pix. Thank you.

  2. deedeemallon

    Ginny – my shadow scary? It was shot in a spirit of play….

    Gretchen – when synchronicity speaks, it behooves us to listen – don’t pass the NEXT piece of fence by… (not totally kidding, here!)

  3. gonerustic

    This really resonates with me – the difficulty of depicting something so deep in visual form (i.e. your quilt about slavery, and mine called ‘3 rivers’), and the quote, especially ‘Anything we do with passion can be done in a spirit of service. If it feeds us, it WILL feed the world.’. Thank you! =D

  4. deedeemallon

    Rita… I think your ‘3 Rivers’ gets at something by not trying to be as literal as I am…

    Ginny, I see it now! even the floor boards conspire for creating something like the sides of a ship….


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