A little something

A strangely unsatisfying weekend.  Finally, I ordered a light box, but something stronger may be in order.  This is a tough time of year for so many…

I will say what was great: walking in the Upper Field with Jack and K.  Having dinner by the fire last night with a friend and her daughter, hearing stories about college.  Rabe with garlic, braised carrots, and a tomato pie.  Yum!  Gathering (finally) materials for the class that will start on December 1 at the New Art Center.  Finishing a few little things and moving a few other bigger things along.  A new doll.

Look for the new doll later in the week.  Tomorrow I’m going to Salem to take my sister out to shop for a turkey and to forage for wreath-making supplies in what she calls ‘the barrens’.

7 thoughts on “A little something

  1. Ginny

    I agree, that first piece is beautiful! What is the circle made of? Ceramic? Metal? Love it.

    Have fun with your sister. Tell her I said Hi!

  2. deedeemallon

    Hi Ginny, the top disk is a rusted, squashed Corona beer bottle cap. … found this summer when K&I went to see (smell?) the smelly plant at Franklin Park Zoo, but found ourselves there after the free hours and wandered on home without having seen it… but the parking lot was FULL of these treasures…

  3. Ginny

    How cool! Here is a coincidence for you….Artie and Caitlin took a drive yesterday down to the Rockaways to see the damage (while I stayed home with my renovation project). The devastation was surreal and terrible. They took a lot of pics and picked up a souvenir for me. A rusted chunk of metal that turns out is an old beer can. Funny, no? I found a few Makamah Beach sandy wash-ups that I will post soon. Terrible events turn up remarkable artwork. Love that beer cap! It works perfectly with the quilt.


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