9 thoughts on “so many houses, so little time

  1. deanna7trees

    that second image is so like the colors in the hand-dyed jacket i’m working on. i can’t seem to get away from those colors lately….and x-stitches on strips of orange…just exactly as i stitched them last night. nice stitch patterning at the bottom of that section.

  2. handstories3

    houses galore…the first image is quite 3-demensional. & the house of seams- it’s showing it’s bones. really something- the many views of home here.

  3. Anonymous

    Quilt on quilt… I love that, as if it’s found it’s place, it’s neighbourhood. And your house of seams…the story growing all the time.
    I am loving all of your naive little houses. You have inspired me to pick up a cloth I worked on ages ago with Jude, with houses, that I had lost my way with. I am now thinking ‘community’, adding more houses!

    Jacky xox

  4. deedeemallon Post author

    deanna – it’s funny to see ‘our colors’ elsewhere isn’t it. or, the exact fabric, often, for me.

    Thanks, Julierose… and Cindy – it will help me going forward to think of the bones of the house. Funny how real estate agents say that. That a house has ‘good bones’…

    Hi Jacky… I call them ‘villages’ but community works, too!

    Glad you found your way here, Annie… Maybe when I take the quilt off the quilt, I will have to add a big border with some of those purple/golds?!

  5. perlhuhn52

    like your style, so colorfull. You are able to make a unit out of all these colors and patterns. my eyes can make little walks and see new things every time. I love to look at quilt on quilt


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