It’s so cold that…

image by dee at clothcompany

It’s so cold that —
** Jack is doing his business in record time!
** Yesterday, at high school pick up, students had their HOODS up! (but still not wearing hats, scarves, or coats).
** I regretted wearing pj bottoms for the morning school run just now and felt an especial wave of gratitude for the heated seats on my return.
** I am wearing a down vest to sit at the PC.
** My new angora/cashmere socks (thank you, M!!) are ranked as one of my favorite possessions.

Stay warm everyone out there who is under this same frigid air!

5 thoughts on “It’s so cold that…

  1. ali

    It was about 15 below last night where I am, but it’s warmed up to 2 above this morning. I’m grateful for the sun, and for my wood stove!

  2. patricia

    isn’t Cold interesting. almost impossible to capture in a photo. is it like birthing–and we do forget the feeling. but your words help and your examples–well they just made me smile.


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