Still can’t open PSE 11

So I’m posting a couple of pictures from my phone.



The picture above began with a purple sky and green horizon.  To continue the play with white, I cut away most of the sheer purple, and have been hand appliquing patches of very different whites (and a little green!) all around.  It has totally changed the feel of the landscape.


This small piece (6″ square?) was a gelatin print – made eons ago.  The muslin that I used for that batch of prints is extremely tough, so after a couple of brief hand-sewing sessions, I took it to the machine.  Can’t wait to share how this little row of houses looks backlit!




The close up below is from a SoulCollage card called “Speed”.  It’s not done yet.


4 thoughts on “Still can’t open PSE 11

  1. deedeemallon

    the bottom is a close up of a SoulCollage card that may or may not get finished… the guy with the stitches on his face, I believe, is a race car driver.

  2. Julierose

    Just love seeing your process–it’s what it’s all about! Like my piano–it’s the process of learning–not just the end result–altho’ we do so hope that it will be great! Hugs, Julierose


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