Generosity and Pauses


Sometimes I am blown away by other people’s generosity.

First, there was my brother, taking my sister and me out to lunch, then proceeding to buy her a cartload of soil and annuals and herbs (she is still smiling!). Next, there was the consummate professional at Lady Grace who, with kindness and resourcefulness and humor, fit my sister for a bra.

[If you are a large-breasted woman — (and have been taunted by boys and men, stared at by all manner of strangers, tortured by mammogram machines, mothers, and ill-fitting garments, never mind the weight of the anatomy itself) — you know just how significant an event this was. Generosity turned a seemingly pedestrian retail moment into a near-religious experience.

I have learned that right next to Gallows Humor resides Big-Breast Humor. At the register, my sister gushed, “I think I’ll call you Boobie Wan Kanobi” and without missing a beat, the retailer intoned, “May the support be with you!”]

Next came a shoebox full of NY Times crossword puzzles that my sister had clipped and saved for me (month and months of them!!) I dip into them, now, like a box full of chocolates.

  four-quarters-and-ground    table-assortment

Then there was the box of fabric that arrived from Sandy Meegan… someone I have never met who spent money to send a load of fabric to me, not once, but twice! Not just ANY fabric, mind you, but  an unbelievable assortment of to-die-for (and PRESSED!) scraps in a delicious array of colors and fibers! How great is that?

Then, there was my brother treating again, this time taking the boys out to lunch, sharing I’m sure, his contagious optimism and inviting both of them to Los Angeles for a piece of the summer. They returned with a delicious salad for me.

And sometimes, I am snowed under by other peoples’ needs.

It’s been that kind of span here. Five medical appointments in the last six business days, only two of them mine. The return of Son #1 (think: Charlie Chan, not Marathon Bombers) who is a slob and completely unmotivated to win either my approval or silence by complying with my requests (‘requests’ being a rather nice word for ‘nags’). You would think his having been in this very house for 19 years would make his return also a return to the status quo, but it doesn’t work that way. A new status quo had time to emerge, and it features a neater house (not a TON neater, but noticeably neater).  Son # 2 was sick for a couple of days. Husband for longer. (Both have recovered).

Roughly five days ago I sat down to post, with the intention of saying something along the lines that the one of the few things I could really rely on was being interrupted, when Jack threw up.  Somehow that  — combined with the ongoing challenges associated with our upgrades (again, please notice I am not ranting, even though I want to scream!) — derailed me again.

So! Until a rhythm is re-established and pathways to creation re-set, I may have only words to offer. I will make a point of keeping at least half positive. [later – NOW pictures upload… why NOW and NOT earlier?!]

11 thoughts on “Generosity and Pauses

  1. Ginny

    Dee, I laughed out loud when I read this post. I hope you had a great time with the family. Your brother is something else, and your sister is too funny! We must (at least the girls) get together soon. xo

  2. saskia

    ah life happening, all the time;-)

    is there a ‘pause’ button somewhere? anywhere?

    holiday was a bit like life-on-hold: after a week in the Turkish sun it was reality-similar to your post- that kicked in once we came back home…… like I had forgotten how to think!! and also forgotten it would all continue……

  3. Sandy

    Dee, thank you for the kudo’s, so sweet! Enjoy every last fabric scrap and keep on doing what you do. Hugs, Sandy

  4. Dee

    Ginny – agreed it’s time for a visit (face to face, that is)! Maybe after school ends on one of your jaunts up here?

  5. deedeemallon

    Saskia – a pause button would be nice, wouldn’t it? I can’t wait to hear more about your trip over on your blog!

  6. deedeemallon

    Sandy – in that coffee table picture above, you ought to recognize at least three fabrics… it is such a nice selection, that I doubt they will be put away… just left out on the Aquarium Counter to pull from as need and design dictate!

  7. Anonymous

    well, and then there’s that story about the man with no feet.
    karmadondrup lhamo…it’s me, grace humming the basic goodness song

  8. deedeemallon

    Hi Grace. Hi Cindy.

    Re: dizziness – I should mention that there is a lot of quiet interspersed between things. Some of my uninterrupted time is wasted by me and my bad habits (who me?!!) and now, with gardening, the outside calls me away from screen and page and stitch, too.

    Grace – what is the story of the man with no feet?


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