Sometimes a leaf


a ‘found’ roof

Sometimes a leaf turns into a roof.

And pajamas become windows.

And blanket stitches form wonky shutters.


moon in center for a change

That gauze has become a moon.

And the squiggly, indigo-dipped print on the bottom echoes the paths stitched on the ‘Red Sky Houses’ quilt.

paths-in-progressOverheard on TV this morning: “The big boomers of last night have headed out to sea.”

It is supposed to be in the nineties today and though a 17-pound weight loss for the year (like how I slipped that in?!!) makes the prospect of wearing shorts a little more appealing than it might otherwise be, I’m bracing myself.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes a leaf

  1. cynthia craig

    coming in from deep deep green..and building heat and humidity…to find this wonderful leaf that is a roof..continuing to scroll down just continued the delight…i have so enjoyed your building of houses ..but this one ..the wonkiness ..the paths the stitches..just spoke to me

    such a good morning..first grace’s buckwheat tales and now this..thank you..oh and 17 pounds is something to slip in ..enjoy the deserve that….cynthia

  2. saskia

    oh what a lovely piece, I adore it Dee; amazing how things are transformed by your hands

    17 pounds, what’s that in kilograms? anyway sounds a lot and slipping comfortably into shorts is nice, way too cold here

  3. dee

    thank you Cynthia! I’ll have to head over and read the ‘buckwheat tales’!

    Saskia, my son tells me that 17 lbs equals 7.7 kilograms. Are you impressed now?!! Ha. Truly, I am proud of myself.

    1. deedeemallon

      thank you!!

      and ‘unceasingly cheerful’ – really?!!!

      but, I do appreciate the award, really, I do.


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