stay cool

cool-waterStay cool, my Northeast friends. It’s gonna be another hot one!

Off to the South End. This time I am wearing sensible shoes. I had forgotten about the bricked, uneven, heaving sidewalks. And, leaving more time to roam around the neighborhood, because last time it took me 25 minutes to find a place to park.

I took Jack back to the vet yesterday. His panting, lack of appetite, and weakness are not heat-related. When the tech took the leash over to bring him in the back for blood work, Jack stared and stared at me without turning around and actually backed his way to the lab door. Poor boy.

And sleeping, 17 yr. old D? Upstairs. THAT poor guy worked the pizza ovens last night and came home completely wiped. Maybe NOT such a great summer job, afterall. His brother, C., didn’t come home last night. Which probably means he and his friend gamed until 5 or 6:00 a.m. What game? I can’t say.

Which reminds me of a moment, perhaps a year ago, on the release date of a hot, hot game, how weirdly proud I felt about being ‘in the know’ when a supermarket employee strolled down to another supermarket employee who was stocking the shelves (both young men, naturally), leaned in, and said, “Got Black Ops II yet?” – and I knew what he was talking about.

Yesterday, driving around, I started talking outloud (I do this. Sometimes with the phone held near ear to hide the true nature of my speech). I was noting hypocrisy, or let’s call it ‘the flexible nature of judgments’. Mine. How in law school I had written (and passionately written) a paper scorning the legal decisions that allowed the First Amendment to trump the safety of women (we’re talking pornography, here).  ‘How could anybody possibly believe that what we digest visually does not affect how we think, feel and act??!!’  And now, having watched from the sidelines as my boys have played endless hours of first-person-shooter games, I think, ‘Come on! They’re killing Nazi Zombies!!! How could that possibly affect their sensibilties?!”

Not unlike how pretzels came to be viewed as health food in our house.

And so it goes.

And now, it is time to pack up the iron etc. and go!

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  1. Minka

    I love the colors and textures in the photograph. They convey a cool dark place despite the heat of the day….and the glass looks like honey or amber….memories of a long ago time…


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