Sunday stitches


tissue house backlit


with new roof and door

when lit from behind, there are many moons

tissue house before roof or door



during repair - felt insert

black felt for a patch – used a dental floss container as a form



It was a good weekend, if a little hot today. Finished a book, started another. Did the crossword puzzle. Took a long walk. Cleared out more of the basement. Cooked a lot. Weeded some. Finally planted my Mammoth Sunflower Seeds. Watched two movies – the new Jason Bourne and the one about the tsunami with Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor (“The Impossible”). C recovered from wisdom teeth surgery. K bought lumber for the darkroom. D said, about an hour ago, “Come look at the moon, Mom.” So we did. And there it was, hanging like an ornament in the eastern sky.

Love to hear what you think!

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