heart exclaiming

Three days ago, the ‘exclaiming’ heart (below, right) seemed to me a little bit cartoonish, funny, just this side of ironic. . . reminding me of Lynda Barry‘s work somehow (if even a little).


heart exclaiming

Today, it looks stunned. Vulnerable. And we are, with news that Jack has lymphoma. Either Stage III or IV. There is so much to say about it, and him, but I am at the tail end of a day that featured one thing after another, just about every hour and a half (most of it good) and the pull toward either my book (DeLillo’s “Libra”) or ‘the crap out zone’ (TV and a snack) is too strong.

I’ll leave you with two images — the first of one of the amazing catalpa trees towering in our yard. This time of year, the orchid-like blossoms tumble down the roof of our garage and litter the walk and plants below. Until they turn start to stink in rotting piles of brown, I feel like royalty… walking the petal-strewn path!

Catalpa blooming

Catalpa blooming

And, one of the places I like to sit and read.

one place I like to read

perfect height off the floor!

12 thoughts on “heart exclaiming

  1. Patricia

    oh, Jack. oh, you. and your stunned and vulnerable heart. i have no words that might add comfort. and my mind feels numb with this news. but i can and am feeling into the heart of this and it feels like just so so much to bear. sending love

  2. user107055

    oh i am so sorry..your work and your site /words have given me so much pleasure…i was sad to find this is what has happened…..i know how much this hurts…sending all kinds of of thoughts and warmth and whatever else seems good your way…i do like the exclaiming heart so very much…..take care cynthia from what iffing

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      Thank you Cynthia. I appreciate hearing from you and thank you for the warmth you are sending!

  3. Jan

    Ah Dee, sorry about your bad news about Jack. They leave a big hole; a beloved cat of mine died last month, also of cancer. They’re our family. You’ll do your best by him, I’m sure. He’s well loved. jan, Yorkshire, England

  4. Peggy

    Hi Dee, I’m sorry about Jack’s illness. He is a beautiful boy. I think tending to matters of the heart now is good work. xoxo

  5. deedeemallon Post author

    He IS beautiful, Peggy, and it is not just hard to imagine him gone, but difficult to trust myself well enough to know when it is time to help him go.

  6. Mo Crow

    Oh Dee enjoy this time you have left with Jack giving him all his favourite treats, a friend took his dog to a McDonalds on the last day of his life and gave him all the cheeseburgers he could eat!

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      That’s so funny about McDonalds! Jack is getting a Lot of cheese and home cooked chicken!

  7. Ayn Hanna

    Oh Dee, such a tender heart, so expressive. I too am sorry to hear the news of Jack’s illness and wish for you to enjoy all the moments you have left with him.

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