by dee at clothcompany

It turns out that if you add the words “Fox News” to a google search for quotes by global warming naysayers, you will greatly expand your catch.

I’ve decided to ‘white wash’ this pieced and appliqued panel with machine-stitched cursive, spelling out some of quotes expressing the view that global warming is a ‘scam’.

Comments such as: “We were put on this Earth as creatures of God to have dominion over the Earth, to use it wisely and steward it wisely, but for our benefit not for the Earth’s benefit.” [Rick Santorum]

On a lighter note, it is windy, cool and suitably spooky here and not a bad night to live in the Boston area.

9 thoughts on “whitewash

  1. Michelle in NYC

    confused–do you mean to agree with the naysayers or is this your sense of humor driving the needle? Forgive me it I’m too dumb to know. Happy Halloween (Samhain) by the way.

    Just so you know–I have no access to my email till next week sometime when someone is coming to try to fix what Google broke when they reconfigured all my sites…I can get comments on the blog..email the blog, and get messages on Face book, but that’s it for now.

  2. deedeemallon

    The science on climate change has been published, agreed upon in the science community, compelling, and alarming for a long time now. I put the climate change naysayers in the same category as people who not only claim that evolution is a myth, but who also insist that the theory of creationism be taught alongside it in biology classes.

    The super-bright colors of the quilt, their chaotic assemblage, repetitive suns, bamboo shoots invading everywhere, and prints and applique suggestive of weird weather patterning all are meant to add up to a quick visual for global warming. The white cursive on top (the quotes basically saying that global warming is a scam perpetrated by liberal alarmists), is meant to both literally and figuratively whitewash the surface with denial, idiocy, partisan political responses, and quotes from corporately-funded fake science studies.

    BTW Michelle… we share computer mess ups it seems… I’ve been trying to straighten out having two accounts with typepad (my fault), neither of which I can access from my phone — their system of dashboard access and pw changing has been maddening (their fault) … plus, there’s the ongoing problems with PSE (elements)… hope yours gets straightened out soon.

  3. Ginny

    Dee, I just love this take on your global warming series. Brilliant. What is great about this post too is the frank explaination of meaning. It astounds me today that there are folks out there who follow the creationist theory and more so the ones that try to dispute global warming. Ignorance, it seems is alive and well. Very sad. Especially this time of year I remember your Katrina quilt. I will have to search for that one again on your blog. Just an amazing powerful series.

  4. saskia

    although I want to be tolerant, in the case of folks denying climate change (whether or not it’s our fault) I can’t, same goes really for creationism, I mean honestly; it wouldn’t matter but folks in power have these ideas and are therefore adding to the problems we as a species and the planet as a whole are facing! maybe we deserve to be exterminated by the consequences of our own stupidity
    love how you have been able to express this so eloquently and visually pleasing in this piece


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