more snow and more throwing away

IMG_6883 IMG_6887 IMG_6896 IMG_6903  More snow being dumped in these parts, though for tomorrow they are predicting rain, which I like less.  The ice dams are glistening in the sun right now, causing all kinds of worry about leakage through the walls and ceilings.  Absent extension tools, there can be no removal, so I will try not to worry. Worrying about something I am otherwise going to ignore is a waste of time.

IMG_6946Working on a project that you have nothing but misgivings about is a waste of time, too.

Over the winter break, I assembled various half-finished knitting projects, with the idea that I’d stitch them together into a blanket. If it worked, it would be a nice way to finish a bunch of un-done things all at once and create a functional object while I was at it. I struggled along for a few weeks. Then, in a fit of rejection, I bagged the collection of scraps and half-finished blanket and donated the whole mess to charity. What a relief! I hated how the colors looked together. The stitches connecting the patches were awful-looking. And, as it turned out, some of the wool was so scratchy that I hated having it on my lap – so I would not have enjoyed it as a blanket!  I have no doubt that someone somewhere might find charm and challenge in the mess and, with better skills than mine, turn it into something worth keeping.


7 thoughts on “more snow and more throwing away

  1. Mo Crow

    one of the most telling conversations I have had recently was with a friend who grew up in South Africa where there is no trash in the streets, none, absolutely everything that is discarded gets used instanty… we live in a world of such extremes of excess and need…

  2. Michelle in NYC

    That you be safe and at ease–my wish for you. I’ve gone into a flurry of cooking things to keep in case the grid goes down (though I have gas)…a bread pudding, flavored with fresh squeezed organic oranges, and stevia sweetened with acai berries mixed in. I intend to spread some chocolate icing on top when it cools…and a cabbage, red onion, apple steamed dish…AND a great sharp pasta with cheddar. Just voting for life.

  3. deanna7trees

    wow…all that white snow seems blinding, but must be pretty when it first falls to the ground. wishing some sunny, warm days for you to clear it all out. you are right…someone’s trash is always someone elses treasure.

  4. saltwaterhillknits

    I can completely relate to throwing out an undesirable project. I had a jacket I was knitting that just weighed on me every time I looked at it. One day recently I just tossed it into the trash. Such a breath of fresh air!

    1. deedeemallon

      oooh, the thought of you seeing pix of that embarrassing knitting project, Mary Ann, is, well, embarrassing!


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