circle goes ’round

peepeeDan and I Just buried PeePee in the backyard. Here she is before she got sick.

20140519-170812.jpgShe was a sweet cat, superbly cared for by my sister for many years.  In 2009 and 2010 when my sister was in the hospital and later, rehab, PeePee lived with us for about a year. She particularly liked my husband. We put a hosta on top and some coral bells.
20140519-170827.jpgEarlier today, I took Nor to the local animal shelter, where she fell in love with a little female named, of all things, Nora. It was the same shelter where we found our Jack, so he was on my mind today. My sister and Nora are up in Salem getting acquainted.

20140519-170540.jpg20140519-170854.jpgTraffic was horrendous again this run. I am going to go upstairs and take a hot bath with some Mother’s Day bath salts. It looks like rain.

11 thoughts on “circle goes ’round

  1. Maggie

    oh, yeah, so sad! poor dear PeePee. Glad Nor found little Nora right away! Gosh and I was thinking about Nor for some reason very recently… can’t recall at the moment what it was. xx

  2. Virginia Mallon

    Jeeze, so sorry to hear that Dee – for you and for Noreen. I always found it funny that her cat PeePee looks so much like my Sonny Purrkins. Weird family patters and preference for orange tabbies. This new addition is a lucky girl. Our pets are always much loved.

  3. Els

    Oh my Dee, we had a cat once that looked quite like your PeePee …
    He was a red Birma cat and had that same bright red “M” above
    his eyes …. (that’s why we called him Ming ….)
    Love the tiny white bells

  4. Dana

    Its so hard to lose a dear friend. I wish dogs and cats had longer lives, although then the loss would be even worse. Welcome to Nora…our tuxedo kitty is very gregarious, perhaps she will be too.


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