Considering Weave – summer class with Jude Hill

Last week marked the beginning of another online learning adventure with Jude Hill over at Spirit Cloth.  I will not footnote every idea/work that springs from there (out of laziness; also to honor how quickly the ideas may flow).  Just know here, upfront, there will be many strands of discussion from that forum showing up here, with gratitude and excitement!IMG_3839I made many woven rectangles during Jude’s class “Cloth to Cloth”.  At that time, I discovered how one could FIRST weave with the cloth, THEN create more weaving with thread (after all, a RUNNING STITCH is essentially a weave — over/under, over/under), AND THEN, create more faux weaving by appliqueing chips of fabric onto the surface.
IMG_3925I found the exercise of making these rectangles satisfying and irresistible. I have piles of them downstairs.  Pictured above are four that were lying about. Early experiments in incorporating woven rectangles into larger quilts (like the landscape, upper right) were not always successful.

Last night I worked on a Little Pink Elephant (notice her woven skin!!).
IMG_3890The horizontal blue stitching came first.  Next, I stitched the vertical white thread to look like weaving.  Unlike a loom, where the vertical threads would be the stable, structure-forming threads, my verticals are wobbly… they are forced to accommodate the less-than-regular rhythm of the blue.

IMG_3916I am in love with the concentric circles in the sky.

Would I have thought to interrupt the circles’ paths around the blue disk without the discussion of weaving at Spirit Cloth? I don’t know.  I’ll probably travel a different color thread through the white circles.

The rest of the pictures are from the morning’s walk and all triggered by the thoughts of weave in general and basket-making in particular.

IMG_3897 IMG_3903 IMG_3917

10 thoughts on “Considering Weave – summer class with Jude Hill

  1. Nancy

    Isn’t it fun how you suddenly see things in a whole new light, once a seed is planted?!! Exciting. Love the fullness of those circles.

  2. deanna7trees

    weaving is all around us, isn’t it….even our thoughts are weavings of all that we encounter. just love that elephant. i passed up this class for lack of hours in the day so i will enjoy reading what you and others post.

  3. deemallon

    It IS funny how a ‘consideration’ or theme can make a difference in what you notice.

  4. deemallon

    Hello all. And thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is fun how a decision to Look at a particular thing (not unlike learning a new word) makes you See it everywhere.


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