Opening in the center

20140703-235254-85974225.jpgFirst, a rectangle. Then, a turtle born from its center. A long idle period ensued.
20140704-083420-30860089.jpgThe center opened up (thanks for the idea, Jude).  And I got to work.
20140703-235254-85974526.jpg “The Paradise” entertained me (BBC period drama).  It is what “Selfridge’s” might have been had it been any good.  My husband figured out that we could keep the air on downstairs without risking a flow of water through the mudroom’s light fixture. This was a great relief.



20140703-235256-85976928.jpgI could live with the ‘having to take two warps at a time’ mistake (seen above).  In part, because it reminded me of spider parables cautioning against arrogance and the middle eastern rug-making practice of purposely allowing imperfection so as not to offend the gods.
20140704-090439-32679865.jpgBut, when I took the piece out of the hoop, a faulty tension revealed itself:  oh such major lumps!! This is imperfection of a different order. The spoiling kind.  I couldn’t find my spray bottle (it’s been missing so long now I have to assume the leprechauns took it), so damp-stretching was not an immediate option. The attempt to stabilize with machine stitch was quickly abandoned.

Since some of us are headed to the Rocky Mountains today, it will have to wait.
20140704-090440-32680492.jpgLaundry got done in town. This beast gobbled up 23 quarters!!!  K. has disassembled our machine, watched YouTube repair videos, and ordered parts. Probably will save us $900.
20140704-090440-32680780.jpg20140704-090838-32918172.jpgLast night, the studio received its ‘flood preparation pick up’.  All items on floor are housed in plastic bins — no paper, no baskets, no leather or wood. Rugs up. Foot pedal up. I hope this will have been an unnecessary precaution.
20140704-090440-32680179.jpgSpotty check ins for a bit. My password for WP is not working on my phone this morning for some completely opaque reason, so we shall see.


11 thoughts on “Opening in the center

  1. deemallon

    oh don’t get me going on the fabric stash. not all shown. more than 15 HUGE bags given away in last 15 or so months!

  2. saskia

    uh, how did that happen? the lumps i mean……up until that photo I was going to try this myself, still will actually, but am now prepared it might not turn out as i hope; live and learn i guess, is this lump something you can fix??
    love the turtle, those circles of stitches, they just make me very happy

  3. Peggy

    Oh, this is so cool. I’m going to get on it today maybe. It’s hot here, be prepared — although the mountains will be nice if that’s where some of you are headed. 😉

    1. deemallon

      we’ll be at 8,000 feet in Boulder, but the temps predicted for the weekend are in the low to mid nineties 🙁 And all the rain here on the east coast delayed flights. We will try again tomorrow.


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