Clearing and collecting. Weeding and weaving.

Sometimes we gather things, sometimes we let them go. Our own collecting plus family downsizing have resulted in super-stuffed storage areas. Much sorting will be required — just to re-achieve pathways. Last weekend, we put two recently inherited bookcases in the basement and so much satisfying organization ensued! Candles — all in one place! Tins with no tops — in the garbage!  Our better garbage finds – neatly assembled!

20140725-235054-85854904.jpgAll can be done bit by bit.  There’s such a lesson in that. Finally launching decades old technology? There’s relief in that.

Weeding can be a vigorous form of clutter-clearing.  One year, I got rid of all the invasive pricker bushes in our yard (that was brutal). This year, I tackled the Joe Pye Weed variant.  In a previous post, I referred to the plant as ‘Hitler Weed’ because of its overwhelming and unwelcome habits of aggressive encroachment.  The damn weed was sprouting everywhere! The lawn was at risk! Even though I don’t really give a shit about the lawn, I do care about my time and mood in the garden. Once I realized I was spending an obscene amount of time pulling the vagrants out, it was easy to sputter: ENOUGH!  It will take at least another two seasons to be fully rid of the damn perennial, but at least the major propagators are gone.
20140725-235055-85855247.jpgThere were two more barrels, by the way. Already I have moved on to renovating too very messy beds.  It is a lot like editing. And, I am certain such progress was facilitated by ridding the yard of an aggravating eyesore.

20140725-235052-85852636.jpg20140725-235051-85851975.jpgThe opposite of whittling away is building up. Here, I used techniques learned in ‘Considering Weave’ with Jude Hill to extend a map form. The print is a map, I’m not making that up.  But two islands side by side got me thinking about Ireland and her neighbor England.  I am wondering what it might be like to explore a history of oppression that is in my blood — as opposed to a history of oppression which is not.  The map fabric was last used in the Middle Passage series.


weaving the map

20140725-235053-85853702.jpgLess seriously (always good to be less serious!), I tried out eyes. The base fabric matters, always, doesn’t it? The foundation. This loose weave — a former sweater — made needle weaving its surface more complicated than it needed to be.  Still, I like the result.

20140725-235054-85854061.jpgSanta bobbin and screen easel. Such is the living room of a stitcher!

20140725-235053-85853350.jpgLastly, I finished two Star Maps yesterday. I can’t figure out why, but I love these little scrappy things. How they relate to each other. The suggestion of a vast universe in a six by eight inch composition. And, I suppose a faint echo of the ‘Book of Hours’ (which I always loved) adds to their appeal.




14 thoughts on “Clearing and collecting. Weeding and weaving.

    1. deemallon

      thank you Grace. I think I have about eight more in progress. unlike other series, I worked to make these of a uniform size (mostly? kinda?)

  1. Nancy

    Oh – I love how you’ve added the weaving to the map fabric! The little star map is like a prayer flag of sorts, yes? Things look grand over your way.

  2. Dana

    The weaving in the map is inspired! I love it. I think I love it most when it is undone (the first picture). I’ve been reacting this way to a lot of what I’ve seen on Jude’s Considering Weave….I’m most interested in things becoming or unraveling. Its so great to have all of this visual input from everybody. It is a sort of visual reconsideration….a cleaning out of my own in a way. I’m also interested in your altar cloths. Is there more about that back in your blog?

  3. Liz

    I’m truly inspired by the way you worked beyond the edges of the map printed cloth with weave … love the star cloth … suspect that this is the butterfly that was extended by weave … and am in awe of how much you accomplish!

    1. deemallon

      I’m not sure how impressed you should be, Liz — the butterfly was started last year… the star series has been going since the beginning of the summer…

  4. Linda (Woods Whisperer)

    Cleaning out and purging the no longer useful things in our lives always feels wonderful to me (after it is done LOL). Good for you on your organizing project. Your kitty eyes are adorable. I love the purposeful pattern of the weave on the islands up against the organic curvy lines of the water. The star map looks incredible, I need to look back on your blog to see more of them.

    1. deemallon

      I actually like the clearing out while I’m doing it too — as long as it is not at that beginning phase of overwhelm…


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