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IMG_5541What a shock to find more than 18,000 views on this picture! The pleasing (and to me, astronomical) number was the result of flickr posting the image to their “Explore” gallery.

It came at a time when I’ve been reconsidering flickr. I’ve adjusted to their new format, I have. But, I don’t enjoy going there so much anymore and I don’t groom the way I used to — don’t always bother to populate my albums, add tags, see that there are comments, never mind respond to them.

Don’t look to it for connections. Been thinking that instagram might better suit. [I also found myself wondering in a paranoid flash, “Wouldn’t it be really, really creepy if flickr somehow KNEW I was ready to bail?!!”]

Anyone else? Where do you put your pictures, with what expectations and what results? Where do you find connection? Have you switched platforms in the last few years? Is blogging dead?
As for the picture, it is another weaving study that came out of Jude‘s most recent online class. Below is a pictorial narrative. I am hoping to make nine woven patches in the cloth.
IMG_5531 IMG_5532 IMG_5538IMG_5544IMG_5547Third of nine, in progress:
IMG_5560This morning, a fall wind blows warm air around. The tail end of last week actually found me putting the heat on. Thankfully, a sweater will do today.

P.S. The vintage linen base came out of my 2012 indigo pot. The dotted indigo fabric and the indigo threads woven in — from recent weekend in South Carolina.

15 thoughts on ““Explored” on flickr

  1. Mo Crow

    Wow, 18 thousand views!!!! that’s a lot & it’s a delicious photograph, re platforms for sharing images a lot of people enjoy Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Tumblr, personally I like visiting blogs with story, heart and soul.

      1. Mo Crow

        Firstly re getting older? yes we are, I love the connection & celebration of cloth cronies world wide that have gathered around Jude’s Spirit Cloth where the demographic is mostly 50-70 year olds !
        and to look at your questions a bit more
        “Where do you put your pictures, with what expectations and what results?”
        I put photos of my work on my blog, website and in the easy shop. I have tried Flickr briefly a few times over the past 10 years but do not like the spam it attracts, Ariel P Cat is on Facebook to look at other people’s photos but doesn’t share anything as I trust Facebook even less than Flickr, I don’t have a mobile so I don’t bother with instagram, Pinterest seems like a huge waste of time but I do have a board there for trying to find the provenance of images that are sent to me on the web with none.
        “Where do you find connection?
        on blogs like yours, Jude’s, Terri Windling’s, Dana’s, Grace’s, Patricia’s & more I don’t subscribe to any blogs however as I like exploring the net when I feel like it
        “Have you switched platforms in the last few years?
        No, I like WordPress for the blog, my website is built with Freeway from Softpress, hosted by HaveHost in Canada & Etsy works ok as a shopfront.
        Is blogging dead?
        The cyber sea is in a constant state of flux, it’s a dance

    1. deemallon

      well, that’s part of it, isn’t it? it’s certainly why I haven’t really taken on instagram.

  2. Dana

    Count me with the blog lovers, but you’re right, it might have something to do with age. The other platforms lack context. Your picture is very compelling though….I’m looking forward to your “nine patch”.

      1. Dana

        I know!!… and I read on Donna Hardy’s website that she used to consult with Michele. I didn’t know the natural dye world was this small. Kathy’s a good teacher and a fun person to be around, I’ll bet you learned a lot.

  3. Heather

    It’s nice to see those big numbers, isn’t it? And it’s beautiful work.

    I am still committed to blogging, but by far the most popular thing I’ve ever written is one of my reviews on TripAdvisor (of a B&B). Btw, how did you like yours?

  4. Sweetpea

    oh my, lots of meaty questions in this post ….
    From my view: rarely use Flickr anymore cuz I detest [yes, detest] the latest format – does not feel ‘user friendly’ a t’all – or at least not the way I enjoy using a social network.

    Instagram has turned into a delight & joy – much to my complete surprise – and I’m quite comfy over there. Many fellow “app-aholics” posting a ton of extremely interesting, creative & utterly inspiring pictorials; the comment sections work great for interacting/asking questions in a brief format. It’s also pretty fab that one can access their account online – meaning, one isn’t restricted to participating only from ones mobile [altho posting photos is only allowed from mobiles].

    As for blogging … it is my one true, steady love. While life happens – not only for me, but for others I follow or check in on – presence ebbs & flows with the times. I’ve always had a singular view of my place out there and that is I use my blog as a journal … a record-keeper … I write down & post photos of what I don’t want to forget, what has particular meaning. Kindreds come by and that makes speaking out there not so scary or challenging; comments from others have woven an element of camaraderie into my ongoing story which I never expected when I began. Is blogging dead? Maybe for some but no time soon for me ;>]]

    best wishes for whichever path[s],


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