8 thoughts on “how it turns blue

  1. Liz

    Oh, I am loving this … gonna have to break down and figure out how to do some indigo dyeing. Do you have a site you could recommend for a newbie?

  2. deemallon

    Hi Liz, I took an online class with Glennis Dolce, aka “Shibori Girl”. I’m not sure she’s running one right now, but if you poke around her site you might find some resources (see “Shibori Girl” on sidebar). For her class, I purchased indigo crystals (not synthesized) from Dharma Trading Company… they sell kits and have some simple recipes on their site, I think. Michele Garcia, I’ve learned, has spread the word on ‘the 1-2-3’ batch — I’ve yet to explore his work online, but that might be another direction to hunt. Good luck! You’re already getting such nice results with natural materials…


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