loveability and usefulness

die-worn-deemallonAmong the things I can count as accomplishments this week: cleaning ten years worth of broken plates and pottery. In the mix, I found this worn die. I will admit that I love this small object. And it makes no sense. Does it have to?
I picked out my favorite bits. I don’t know how to mix up grout or cement or how to rim these shards with metal so as to turn them into jewelry.

I can thank them for reminding me that being loveable is not the same as being useful.

These shards showed me something else (this goes to the nature of clutter):Β  sometimes the acts of touching and sorting through a pile of things that have not been touched or sorted in years brings satisfaction. This is really true. And it’s really true even when it is done without the aim of making things neater or producing something.
ragdoll-handmade-deemallonI continue to make figures. Mice, girls, cats, rats, and boys. As soon as I finish here I will put together a pair of felt ice skates using paper clips as blades, because one of the boy mice has requested a pair. Doesn’t even have arms yet, but wants to go skating! He has no patience with parties or worse, girls getting ready for parties. Like Ms. Shoelace Hair, above. I knit the front of her bodice (on like, size 0 needles!) and machine embroidered her face. If she weren’t so shy, she might show a little more excitement, but make no mistake — she is one excited party-goer! I wonder who her present is for!

10 thoughts on “loveability and usefulness

  1. Mo Crow

    Dee those are such beautiful ceramic shards,you would do the most amazing pique assiette mosaic it seems to be a natural sideline for the patchworkers of the world!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Had to look pique assiette up. Comes from french meaning “one who eats off others’ plates”. I would love to learn!

      1. Heather

        Just came across an article about how to make mosaic furniture/mirrors in a back issue of Martha Stewart Living. I could send it to you … or it may be available on her website.

        1. deemallon Post author

          thanks, Heather… I can poke around for it. While in Charleston this past spring, I saw an artist during ‘gallery walk’ who adhered pieces of watches into plaster on armature shaped like small animals — mostly dogs, I think. I’ll post pix some time. They were great!

    1. deemallon Post author

      always collected out of doors, although now that I think of it, I have another collection down in the basement near the back door!

  2. maggros

    Oh my… can I come spend a weekend at your house and make cement for you? Mosaic garden path stepping stones? New pots from cemented together shards? Such beautiful bits – Dee making cement is SO EASY! Go to your local hardware store and buy a bag of cement mix and… well, its hard work BUT…set aside a couple of days and place to make a HUGE mess on a large dirt patch. maybe in the Spring πŸ™‚

    1. deemallon Post author

      Sounds like fun! I did make cement stepping stones with the boys but didnt get the ratios right or something and they broke (still in the garden though). Maybe plaster this time? On a form?


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