Friday in between

IMG_6503Yesterday’s meal and company and fire were nice: delicious, warm, companionable. We had a couple of birthdays to celebrate, too.

IMG_6467.JPGIMG_6464.JPGIn the quiet aftermath, I have resumed work on the second Middle Passage quilt. In this one, the top band of cohesive and colorful culture is very narrow and grows increasingly fragmented as one works down toward the bottom, where the ocean resides.

IMG_6501.JPGThe pale green and white triangles are meant to signify the sails of the slave trading ships. The brown striped batik also signifies the slavers, but this time, the planking on the ships.

I forgot how much I like working this way.

deemallon, quilt, piecingIMG_6489Using photo apps to strip out color or intensify it can be a useful trick to find weaknesses in design.

I blogged about the first (and now complete) Middle Passage quilt here, but it occurs to me I have yet to post a good picture of it, finished and bound.

I’m afraid from now until the end of the year, my felt creatures will be hogging most of my time (not to mention Christmas), but in the New Year? Archives of everything! Binding and finishing at an amazing clip! With no significant writing time consumed!


6 thoughts on “Friday in between

  1. maggros

    looks like a grand TG!! And y’all look so young you must’ve stopped having birthdays for a few years? The quilt is looking grand as well 🙂 Now, have you seen/listened to this interview with Sue Monk Kid? It is quite good – I think you’ll enjoy it.: (that should take you to WHYY interview) about her new book “The Invention of Wings” about slavery!

    1. deemallon

      It WAS nice. I hope yours was? Not younger, just a little out of focus, I think!
      I finally ordered Sue Monk Kidd’s book and plan to read it in the new year. Sometimes you have to stay away from similar topics — even though hers in post-colonial.

  2. Dana

    Thank you for sharing pictures of your table and family! Everything looks lovely (I’ve always liked that dish pattern) and its great to see your guests having a good time together. Your quilt is going to be beautiful and powerful. Happy Aftermath of Thanksgiving….there is so much to be grateful for.

  3. handstories

    The “feel” of it all, when looking at this piece, is really something.
    (& apologies for cursing in my last comment, I was very moved by your story, having just been rattled by a “discussion” w/my mom about Ferguson, & becoming even more baffled about how we are possibly related.)

  4. deemallon

    thanks, Cindy… as for apologizing – no need. I got it. I almost had a stroke about a month ago listening to something someone I am related to said about Michael Brown.


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