here’s what I did this morning instead of writing…

made coffee, cleared off coffee table
corresponded (via FB) with fellow artist about trade-in-progress
started dishwasher
looked for black buttons for Owlie Eyes down in the basement studio
sat on heating pad, read about Native American love of blue cloth
looked up “stroud” cloth
made a Pinterest board for such things
took a bath
vacuumed the entire upstairs
answered email about a possible dog adoption
flagged emails about flickr and website payments owed
wondered why D. doesn’t want to spend his entire winter break at home
decided not to make any uninformed judgments about same
went to post a draft to blog and made it disappear instead
decided not to get upset about it
looked at FB
researched crate training
made a Pinterest board for such things
filled bird feeders
cleared the two storm drains at this end of the street
checked our basement for water
looked for lentils, found none
put up a pot of barley soup
printed out four stories that I promised to review for a fellow writer
wondered if birds eat when it’s raining
posted pictures to flickr
put clean clothes away
made a grocery list
found missing blog post, made it private

and this!

5 thoughts on “here’s what I did this morning instead of writing…

  1. Dana

    Your list prompted me to likewise catalog my activities this morning. Most of them have been mental; I think I need to actually accomplish something.

    1. deemallon

      yeah, she said hanging her head. and now water from the nor’easter comes in the basement… and there’s mopping to do!!


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