Cheerful is not a natural state for me.  I actually wonder if it is for anyone. But maybe because it’s almost Easter… Maybe because it got above 60 degrees for the first time in forever… Maybe because I can almost see the ground in the backyard again and I bought pansies today — I am going to add sun rays to the orb on this quilt. Exactly as if I were in second grade and coloring!

15 thoughts on “Cheerful 

  1. saskia

    not overly cheerful over here either, am capable of it and therefore know the difference between being cheerful, or not – am happy/content at times, am aware this has to come from within, not from other people’s judgment, although that is easier said than done!
    i like this cloth a lot, many reasons, one of them being the tactile quality of the stitching – or so I imagine – and another one: the torn(?) bits, also I like your homes; I always like your homes

    1. deemallon

      I recognize cheer, as well… I also have my upbeat moods and periods of quieter contentment… It’s not like I’m striving to be a different person… more like looking at what I am and striving to accept…

    1. Mo Crow

      just read this poem and thought of this post

      Resurrection of the body of the beloved,
      Which is the world
      Which is the poem
      Of the world, the poem of the body.

      In a thousand languages
      They say the same thing:
      “We lived. The secret of life
      is love, that casts its wing
      over all suffering, that takes
      in its arms the hurt child,
      that rises green from the fallen seed.”

      Sadness is there, too.
      All the sadness in the world.
      Because the tide ebbs,
      Because wild waves
      Punish the shore
      And the small lives lived there.
      Because the body is scattered.
      Because death is real
      And sometimes death is not
      Even the worst of it.

      If sadness did not run
      Like a river through the Book,
      Why would we go there?
      What would we drink?

      If we’re not supposed to dance,
      Why all this music?

      Time to shut up.
      Voltaire said the secret
      Of being boring
      Is to say everything.

      And yet I held
      Back about love
      All those years:
      Talking about death
      Insistently, even
      As I was alive;
      Talking about loss
      As if all was loss,
      As if the world
      Did not return
      Each morning.
      As if the beloved
      Didn’t long for us.

      No wonder I go on
      So. I go on so
      Because of the wonder.
      – Gregory Orr
      Concerning the Book that is the Body of the Beloved
      via Whiskey River

  2. Jenny M

    Absolutely love your house ~ the scale, the fabrics and the stitches. I am in my 50’s and I seem to have lost my cheerfulness somewhere along the way ~ maybe that is the answer, devote a day to being in second grade and spend the time colouring! More playtime, less time ticking off the To Do List!

    1. deemallon

      Jenny, you remind me of a quote of Craig Ferguson’s (formerly of “The Late, Late Show”) and it is this: “If you aren’t bitter in middle age, you’re not paying attention.” Maybe that goes a little too far, but I think it captures something fairly universal about aging…

  3. Nancy

    Our house is a very very very fine house…
    I understand well the lack of cheerfulness, for this is my natural state as well. I treasure the truly light, happy, open, cheerful moments. I notice them and hold them as long as I can. Pansies were one of my Mama’s favorites so I always think of her when I see (hear of) them. They are a cheerful little flower, aren’t they?!

    1. deemallon

      My mother loved pansies too! And their tiny versions, Johnny jump ups. Thanks for popping in, Nancy.


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