Weather changes 


Why does weather transition make you tired? It’s all I can figure right now. I went to Salem today and it was stressful for all the usual reasons, (which is always somewhat wearing), but I am WAY exhausted. 

Given that, forgive my throwing a few pictures up and leaving it at that.    


8 thoughts on “Weather changes 

  1. elizabethgermain

    Dee, no need to ask forgiveness for your beautiful offering!

    I am seeing you being charged up by the light emanating from the cut glass, charged up by the letting go of the trip to Salem now that it’s behind you, charged up by a quiet evening at home, charged up by asking your angels and guides to hook you up to an energetic IV. Seeing you bask in their light and opening to a deep, restful peaceful sleep.


    xoxo e

    1. deemallon

      It survived the cold and snow just fine. It is funny to me that I asked my husband to make this for me long before I knew that it was an African American tradition… Rag trees come from the Irish. Maybe I’ll institute one of those this summer!

  2. Michelle in NYC

    I love you too, and your landscape, your art, your dog, your porch, your weariness. But if you are awake on the night of Earth day 4.22 starting at 11 PM and going through to dawn on the 23rd…a meteor shower might be available to you…The best time to catch the shower is between about 11 pm on April 22nd and sunrise on April 23rd, in any timezone in the northern hemisphere.

    1. deemallon

      I wish I had read this comment last night so I could have considered a viewing (although I think it was cloudy and raining all night), but you can’t imagine how lovely it was to wake on the 23rd and have this be the first thing I read! Before even getting out of bed. Thanks, Michelle.


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