Good ole basting

  The “Indigo Moon” house is framed in ivory silk. Top and bottom are flanked with a quilted upholstery weight fabric. So I laid batting in the midsection (pretty much equalizing the layers), picked a pretty floral for the backing, and then, because silk has a tendency to slide around, basted the layers together.  A classic baste – large stitches in contrasting thread, to be removed as I stitch.  It is satisfying to integrate the layers into something coherent.   I don’t know what this house has to say either (referring to yesterday’s post), but this time it doesn’t matter because for whatever reasons, I’m entralled with this layout, these colors, and this jumble of patterns.  Adding backing and batting means sacrificing the stained glass effect, but I’m okay with that.   

10 thoughts on “Good ole basting

  1. ravenandsparrow

    I thought of architecture too…this house has a contemporary profile to my eye. The fabric combinations look cool and graphic. Bringing the layers together is truly satisfying.

      1. deemallon Post author

        I know that light fades cloth and can even turn it brittle… but body oils and detergents are not friends to cloth either, and yet we sleep under it and wear it and accept that kind of wear, maybe even love what those things do (increase the drape, soften the weave). If I think of a ‘window cloth’ (it’s not a curtain… technically, it’s not a quilt, either — I need a name), as something more like ephemera and less like an heirloom quilt (allow me the conceit — you know what I mean — a blanket made with love and skill over four seasons), then the corrosive effects of light matter a lot less.

        unlike you, I have never worked with glass. My new play with a bottle cutter is a first.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks Cindy. I am having more luck these days mixing commercial prints with hand dyed cloths.


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