Going with what captures interest

The crucifix has been a visual motif that has captured my interest and shown up in quilts and collages for quite some time. So when I placed my square for the Hearts for Charleston quilt on top of another quilt-in-progress and saw a cross shape, it seemed worth thinking about.   All will evolve after I receive the contributed squares, of course, but right now I am liking the idea of each woven square stitched to another square with the suggestion of a cross on it.

It’s my hope that the final piece will be something of beauty, filled with a sense of hope — which is why I picked a pretty deep pink for my heart instead of a blood red. The cross motif would suggest martyrdom in a way that is seamlessly consistent with a Christian church, wouldn’t it?

The underlying quilt, seen above and below, is mostly pieced (top and bottom still separate and there is the matter of the red line to decide about).  Its working title is “Diaspora”.   Here are a couple of old quilts where crosses and hearts meet.

Purple Heart straight up

7 thoughts on “Going with what captures interest

  1. ravenandsparrow

    The idea of a cross seems totally appropriate. I love the red line in Diaspora and your heart quilts remind me of those old holy cards depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus they used to give us at catechism.

  2. peggyvonburg

    Passion quilts made by a passionate woman. So beautiful, I can feel the energy in your work and in your writing. Tell your CU son it feels like autumn here. We may just skip summer altogether.

    1. deemallon

      He’s there too! Says he can smell the smoke from Canadian fires? And thank you for the start of that comment.


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