our each unique rhythm

winter-bulbs-deemallonThese bulbs were purchased the same day, from the same store and planted within minutes of each other. Small variations in light and containers, but look at the variable growth. This is such a lesson!

We come to things in our own time. Children can mature on wildly differing timetables. How futile it is to indulge in comparisons!

7 thoughts on “our each unique rhythm

      1. deemallon Post author

        Nor do I hesitate to remove something that isn’t doing well. Consider it bad energy. Is there a difference between discernment and judgment? Maybe. Seeing failure to thrive and acting on it vs condemning the individual plant or species for doing a bad job. I think that’s what I meant. And btw I judge constantly which is why I am going on about this.

        1. Mo Crow

          interesting, I can condemn a plant for not doing well & send it to it’s next life as worm food & can take an animal who is suffering to be euthanized at the vet but would never be able to sit on a jury to condemn a man or woman for a crime no matter how compelling the evidence…

        2. deemallon Post author

          I probably would not have a problem voting someone guilty on a jury even knowing how evidence can be skewed. But couldn’t vote for the death sentence. Too many mistakes have been made.

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