Draft blockers etc.

Turns out all I really needed a break from was the news. The boys’ll be home next week and obviously things will slow over the holiday, but January feels like too long a time away. Been reading ‘my pages’ (though not much) and making draft blockers.

Shopping and wrapping gifts, of course, and making a few. Like last year, against all reason I find myself making dolls for the boys. 

…on occasion walking Finn from the CVS parking lot instead of from home, which I like in part because it takes me to this funky cottage.
Continue to train the dog. He’s gotten more reactive lately, though, and we can’t figure out why. I hide his food pellets around the house almost daily and command him: “Find It”!! It keeps him busy. Dogs like him need challenge.  Yesterday during a game of fetch which started out feeling like (yet another) dog-interruption and quickly became an exercise in joy, I heard my father’s voice (this doesn’t happen often, mind): “whatever you do, Dee, don’t get rid of this dog.”

‘Cause I still go there.  

4 thoughts on “Draft blockers etc.

  1. deemallon

    thanks, Grace… so many pics of the dog, anymore… and the socks needed airing out from basement mildew… the plaster natives a natural spot.

  2. christicarterphotography

    Hi Dee ~
    Have been so remiss in visiting blogs … good to stop by here this morn.
    With so many training challenges of my own over the years, I can say how much I sense the mixed-up-ness of your dog emotions. Oy vey, they can be heart wrenching challenges. Was wondering if you take Finn to classes or have a trainer working with you? For I discovered that there is nothing in the world more helpful than a ‘Positive Reinforcement Trainer.’ Changed my world completely – and also my relationship with my dogs. Oh, and one more thought: Finn is shepherd mix? Have you ever thought of doing classes in Search/Scent Training?
    Guess you can tell I could talk dogs for hours ;>))

    1. deemallon

      Thanks Christie… I get such good dog advice here! I did about 12 weeks of a group class (general obedience) and four weeks of a class for reactive dogs and had one personal session. The trainer who did the 12 week class thought Finn would train for competitions really well both because he is so smart and also so keyed in to me (he’s half Malinois shepherd and half collie). We have a guy who we board Finn with when we go away who is one of those amazing dog people. We plan to hire him next. It’s a struggle in part because neither my husband nor I are alpha people. We are alpha status, but not inside. This has been one of the most fruitful parts of the learning curve.

      BTW come back to see today’s post — I cannot thank you enough for turning me on to that photo app (diana)!!


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