PC internet still broken

 Just to say I am reading blogs but not commenting so much because the PC is still unconnected.

Yes I could use the laptop. But the laptop is mostly an electronic manuscript.   Just to show you how Finn and I watched the Super Bowl.   I think we are suffering from Winter2015 PTSD. Schools were closed again today. They were closed on Friday. I didn’t go to Salem on Saturday. They had declared a state of emergency.

Spent a lot of today and the weekend in 1738. It’s occurring to me kind of belatedly that this can tire a person out — even writing the less horrific scenes. No wonder I feel a little ungrounded, like that quilt square floating up above.

8 thoughts on “PC internet still broken

    1. deemallon Post author

      Yeah. What can I say? I got enough of the action to hear myself saying to Cam newton “welcome to Brady’s world!” But play by play I didn’t mind missing.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you sweet Mo!! and BTW, one of the comments somewhat forfeited during this hiatus was about those gloves you made. They are really, really something else and the box, too.


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