Cold and traffic

A little warmer today but not much. Honestly I’m getting sick of it. Traffic up and back to Salem was bad on Monday, making the total commute two full hours. My sister has responded well to a cortisone shot in her knee, but still isn’t walking. At least she sat up for a portion of the visit. Here at home, we are still working on getting C. organized — both physically (all his stuff!) and emotionally (lots of changes to go through). I finished the Hearts for Charleston quilt last night and took a ton of pictures this morning. I’ll have to do so again though because the light wasn’t great and fully 50% of the shots were out of focus. The morning found our computer updating to Windows 10 and nobody knows why. I didn’t want it. K didn’t say ‘yes’ to it and C doesn’t use this PC. Weird. Creepy, even. That made getting Photoshop up and running a lengthy ordeal (only to find 138 out of 264 photos out of focus). Not a good day for tools, here. Not sure what it’s a good day for.

2 thoughts on “Cold and traffic

  1. Nancy

    I so get the traffic issue…yuc! I sometimes tire of the heat. Today it will be about 85 degrees. Seems like it is often in the 80’s, year round. The feather pics are fantastic! Stay warm friend.


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