Blessed be

Blessed be the infernal yard crew that inspires me to put Angelique Kidjo on full blast and DANCE for 20 minutes.

Blessed be the achy, arthritic hips that still like to move and blessed be the feeling of bare feet sliding across the floor in an ecstasy of rhythm.

Blessed be the gloaming and the rain that falls during the night.
Blessed be Blue Ribbon Barbeque! And a weight loss plan that lets me eat this plate load with gusto and still be on track (Weight Watchers; down 6 pounds).

Blessed be the child that is learning to listen to his gut (even if it requires a trip to the ER for fluids).

Blessed be SoulCollage for making the obvious obvious.

Blessed be the mothers that outwait, outlisten, outhope, and outflex the children in distress, even if it takes a strenuous chanting practice and a ridiculous amount of pacing.

Blessed be the husbands who know how to use chop saws and mitre saws and can measure properly and fix things: rotting things, leaking things, peeling things, essential things.

Blessed be the guardians, seen and unseen.

Blessed be the places we find joy.

11 thoughts on “Blessed be

  1. grace

    and Blessed Be, She who speaks of her world of Blessed Be.

    Amen, Dee
    i turn her up loud a Lot, Kidjo
    and yes, the guardians. seen and unseen.
    Very much Yes. Thank You for this

      1. deemallon

        typepad lets you edit a comment for a little while… wordpress doesn’t? anyway, not to worry

    1. deemallon

      ha, this is funny. I was commenting on your blog at about the same time you were commenting here!

  2. Liz A

    When we first moved to Texas we listened to a local band sing “The beatitudes of heat” as we sat in a stifling hot dance hall. Then it began to rain … pour actually.

    Blessings abound … we just have to look for them, name them, and accept them in all their imperfect glory


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