Tangled but not defeated

How often does life dish up a tangled mess that you know at the outset is solvable?

I wish I had taken a “before picture” because you would be truly impressed. The owner of this necklace gave it to me in a dense snarled mass small enough to fit in a snack bag. She assumed that I’d be cutting the knots and restringing.

The task really woke me up to something.  It wasn’t easy. It took patience. It took repeated efforts interspersed with no-effort (just like doing The New York Times crossword puzzle). It took good light, two pairs of glasses, and a tool (the fowl pin). 

But because I knew that all knots can be undone, not once did I cave to those stalling and defeating narratives, “I can’t do it” or “it can’t be done”. 

Now onward and upward (that would be to the writing room)!

7 thoughts on “Tangled but not defeated

    1. Mo Crow

      that wise quote from Henrietta Mom is a favourite!
      Mom always says, “never cut a knot, always untie it. If you can’t figure out how to untie a knot, you’ll never figure out how to solve your problems.”

  1. saskia

    good job!
    I LOVE untangling knots! shame there was no ‘before’, but I get the picture anyway, as many tangles are thrown into my lap by family members and friends


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