Bombs and bluebells

Dalian, China doesn’t share a border with North Korea but it’s pretty close, just across the Bay of Korea.

There’s K, dapper in a crisp green and blue plaid shirt and charcoal grey slacks, packing. I crack open an eye: “a little overdressed for nuclear warfare, aren’t you?”

This weekend I almost googled “radiation fall out” but raked some more instead.

And speaking of bombs, the Boston Marathon is today. We must’ve heard forty helicopters and dozens of sirens over the weekend. No, make that dozens of sirens on each of Saturday and Sunday. Practice, I guess. K thought each was an emergency. “Can’t be. Can’t be,” I kept saying.

I’m not going this year (we live pretty close to Heartbreak Hill). Instead, I plan to *write, walk the dog, write, play fetch with the dog, write, eat lunch. Repeat from * substituting supper on second round.

Finn wanted a quick game before Ks cab to the airport arrived (did I mention he’s going to Dalian, on Korea Bay?) but it was too early. It’s school vacation week and some of our neighbors will be sleeping in.

The Virginia Bluebells are up. The maples bud at last.

At the curb, I do my best Sean Spicer, “Say hello to Kim Young She!”

Easter was hot. But today should be cooler — perfect for the race.

2 thoughts on “Bombs and bluebells

  1. RainSluice

    You sent me a big in-breath of fear. You look out from the confines of a beautiful place. From the perspective of the wild and wooly eyed. I don’t mean fuzzy thinking. but thinking from a clear heart anticipating a unique type of ferocious dogged daily hunt for fresh beauty.

    1. deemallon

      Don’t mean to alarm anyone. Sorry Maggie! Joking about it is my way of dealing I guess. K is unconcerned but my guess is that that goes to maleness and not to greater acuity about international conflicts. Do I think N Korea will nuke Seoul this week? Not really. But is it closer than it’s ever been to a possibility? Yeah.


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