Decline and Breakthrough

Another cold and rainy day. There was the weekly 1/2 hour indivisible group phone call at eight.  Two check in calls with my sister. Two ventures out with Finn. Daily pages written by hand early and chapter revisions done later on laptop. 

Yesterday was busy and draining. I took my sister to an appt and out to buy booze and annuals. The limitations imposed by recent weight gain seem to be the new normal (she can’t use any of the three methods of transport I’ve arranged for her anymore; severe shortness of breath when moving; increased difficulty dressing and bathing). Very discouraging — more for her than for me, but also for me. Came home and planted my annuals — coleus, sage, and rosemary. Cleaned up. Grocery shopped. And then spent the rest of the late afternoon wondering why I was so tired?

Finished this vertical denim backed piece yesterday — well, almost. 

I’m loving how it came together, what it came together with, and the result. Such a rarity! But maybe I’m on to something? For such a modest little piece: it feels like a breakthrough. 

5 thoughts on “Decline and Breakthrough

  1. RainSluice

    A tower of thought. You reveal revelations πŸ™‚ I am dashing off but wanted to say: love this tower! Also, sorry to hear about your sister’s woes, most serious woes. If it were me, I’d probably hit the bottle rather than the notebook when I got home. You are a great guide for how to turn whatever energy is left or found or built into art., and I do not mean that lightly. Thank you for sharing these stories of perseverance. Such beauty in the imagery and writing. I aspire to this level of strength and vision. Here I go out into the adventures of guiding young Makers. I am grateful indeed for each day I get to walk into my evolving teaching studio, abandoning any family, social or political responsibility as the school year presses toward the end. Cheers!

  2. jude

    i like the idea of a tower. like a house that kep growing. There is flow here. it works. It stands and goes at the same time.

    1. deemallon

      sorry to leave comment hanging for days — thanks, Jude… stretching, reaching up, there’s something there


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